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Do you know the guy who conquered memory loss and designed kabali movie posters?

Yes, memory loss we’re talking about, here!

It might look like a movie script where the struggler overcomes his hurdles and becomes triumphant and gets what he deserves; and nothing less than that has happened in the life of Vinci Raj, who is a designer by profession.


When the Kabali Movie poster was released over a micro-blogging site (Twitter), it was highly appreciated by the fans across Chennai. Superstar Rajinikanth himself send out a tweet with the Kabali movie poster.

After seeing the poster designed by Vinci Raj, the fans went hysterical and are anticipating the movie release date which is due in the Tamil New Year’s Eve 2016.

The Kabali poster showed Rajinikanth in a never before avatar sporting a white-as-ice beard and grey hair, sitting on a couch in an all-grey suit looking all suave and charismatic. The director confirmed that this movie is related to the real life story of a Chennai mafia don. What stands out in this movie is that our thalaivar is portraying a character close to his age after long.

It is also said that with this movie he is shedding his stereotypical image and the pomp dialogues which he has been known for, for so long. He has done away with his image and will be seen closer to his age with no less with the same enigma!

Now, coming back to Vinci Raj…

When we talk about movies’ cast and crew, we mostly come to know of the actors, director, producers, composers and lyricists, etc. which are a part of the film. We seldom find the people who work at the backend or with the pre and post productions team getting any attention. However this time, Vinci Raj, who is the poster designer for Kabali movie has received attention for his story.

Being an ardent fan of the superstar himself, he was excited when Pa Ranjith, the director of Kabali movie, asked him to design the poster for his latest project. However, he met with an accident on a road trip with friends few month before the Kabali offer fell into his kitty. The accident left him with memory loss which could have been a setback for his career. Despite the fact that he was fighting memory loss, he took up the Kabali movie as a challenge and worked hard to recollect the use of Photoshop and other softwares.

He says that Ranjith was very patient with him and is thankful to both him and the producer to give him the creative freedom he required.

When asked about his experience with the superstar himself, he feels elated and says that it was great working with him and observing him. He also came to know from Ranjith that Rajinikanth was very pleased with the poster design.

Vinci Raj says that before Kabali, poster designer’s names were not mentioned and is a growing trend these days. This makes him very happy See also Robot 2 Expected Box office Collection.

Well, as long as talents are appreciated in an industry which thrives on talent, the audience as well as the projects’ team-member shall remain motivated to excel and entertain.

We wish Vinci Raj good luck for his future endeavours.

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Brief Intervirew Summery of TZH Team member

Intervirew Summery of TZH Team member : In any enterprise, human beings absolutely financial institution on male superstars. this is regrettably not yet created for girls. It’s bothersome that we can be anywhere however we don’t seem a good way to stick with one location and create a viewership for our movies. In Hindi there is a Kangna, Deepika, Priyanka. Vidya Balan is doing that beautifully. you know if she is in a movie she is clearly doing something interesting, just as you already know with the Khans. I don’t see that happening in Malayalam besides with Manju chechi (Manju Warrier) whose movies humans move to look at due to the fact she is in it. Source :

Numerous manufacturers, administrators and writers have instructed me ladies don’t convey in beginning collections. but girls aren't given larger-than-lifestyles roles continually through the years, that could provide them the sort of fandom that guarantees beginning collections. Do you compromise? Source :

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Safari Holidays to Kenya

Safari Holidays to Kenya


If you have the heart for adventure, a safari holiday in Kenya may just steal it. Kenya safari holidays offer more than 80 species of wildlife, cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, scorched deserts, incredible sunsets and the irresistible sounds and smells of Africa.

Adventure Holiday Highlights: Safari Sights of Kenya

Safari_Holidays_to_KenyaVisions of the Masai Mara

 On the Masai Mara the most unique waiting game in the world unfolds as endless lines of migrating animals darken the rolling savannah for miles and miles. And then, the chase is on as lions, cheetahs and the occasional leopard race for the kill. Sunset, Masai Mara The plains of the Masai Mara are home to Masai communities whose rituals and ancient traditions remain an integral part of their everyday life. Once fearful warriors, life is now dominated by the need to tend and protect their cattle; proud Masai men in their bright red cloaks, carry long spears to lead their herds across the vast grasslands in search of water and pastures.

Lake Nakuru Wildlife

This large soda lake, carpeted with thousands of pink flamingo, is one of Kenya’s most well known images and an awe-inspiring sight, made even more spectacular when the birds take flight, forming a great pink cloud above the shimmering water.
Nakuru is also an important sanctuary for the black and white rhino, often seen at rest near the lakeshore under acacia trees and there is plenty of other game, including huge herds of zebra, buffalo, leopard and huge prides of lion.

The Sacred Realm of Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest peak, regarded as the sacred realm of Ngai, God of the local Kikuyu people and known by them as the “place of light”. It’s an inspiring sight best viewed at dawn when illuminated by the sun’s early rays.
Elephants and Mount KenyaIntrepid trekkers and climbers will be drawn to the challenging granite cliffs and volcanic rock of the snow capped peak of Mt Kenya. For everyone else there are plenty of wonderful hill-walks through wildlife rich ranges that don’t require technical skills.

Life on The Great Rift Valley

Step out onto the Valley’s open plains and you’ll feel a million times smaller than you ever have before. Drive by a pride of lions in a four wheel drive safari vehicle, watch a herd of elephants from the back of a horse, walk amongst herds of plains game or spot some of the 400 species of birdlife around the sparkling lakes of Navaisha and Nakuru. Aitong School

Kenya Responsible Tourism Project

We support a local school project in Aitong, South West Kenya, and help with their plans to improve standards at the school with new classrooms and equipment.

Columbia Travel Guide | Visit Colombia the best planned city

Columbia Travel Guide | Visit Colombia the Best Planned City

Columbia Travel Guide

Columbia Travel Guide

At Columbia travel guide you can have an easy access online on various resources for comprehensive information on Columbia, the state capital and the largest city of South Carolina. Columbia has rare distinction of being one
of the first planned cities of the United States.

One passionate for Kayak and Canoe surfing can enjoy all the excitement and thrill here at Columbia. People of Columbia received citation of “America’s Most Livable Communities.” Columbia is situated at the fall line of the Congaree River.Spring is the best part of the year when you can visit Columbia.

Visit Colombia

There are many places of attraction for a traveler in Columbia, Riverbanks Zoo, and Botanical Garden houses more than the 2000 different species of Animals. For family viewing EdVenture Children’s Museum is a great place. The sight of historical importance in the city that one would never like to miss is Governor’s Green, a nine-acre complex, Hampton- Preston Mansion,The Robert Mills Historic House are the other places in Columbia to visit.

Koger Center for performing arts, the Columbia Museum of Art, The South Carolina State Museum, the Mann-Simons Cottage and many more are centers of Art and Literature in Columbia.

Columbia Travel Guide

If you are traveler with preference for shopping and dining there are many places in Columbia to enjoy the moment you can travel across spacious malls, fashionable boutiques, specialty stores, antique shops and malls in Columbia. Richland Mall, Columbiana Center, Columbia Place with more than 100 specialty shops are a few popular places for shopping in Columbia. On your platter in Columbia you can have fresh seafood at Atlantic coast to a variety of cuisines including Greek, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Or you can taste southern delicacies like barbecue, vegetables, casseroles, sweet potato pie; country fried steak and fried Chicken.

There is even variety for transportation for traveling in and around the city. At Columbia Metropolitan Airport you can avail facilities of regular Air Services of American Eagle, Continental Delta, Northwest, United and US Airways airlines. It is well connected with interstate highway system if you prefer traveling by bus. The Amtrak Station connects Columbia with New York City, Washington, DC, Savannah and other places in United States. Central Midland Regional Transit Authority (CMRTA) is the regional transport serving Columbia and neighboring States. Blue Ribbon and Checker provides Yellow provide Cab service in the city.

So you are welcome to the city of events, to know more about Columbia surf this site to optimum.

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[COC] Top 10 Clash of clans strategy for Defensive Buildings

[COC] Top 10 Clash of clans Strategy for Defensive Buildings


Clash of clans Strategy for Defense

Make sure you maximize your defensive buildings’ potential by using these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats for Clash of Clans!

1.The Cannon

Cannons reach their max level at level 12. These are the beginning structures you’ll have to build as you start your Clash of Clans adventure. Cannons are cheap and don’t take too much golds or time to upgrade. Their main usage should be focused on attacking any and all ground units. These defensive items have a high rate of fire and its range is pretty decent, so you should place as many of these around your fort as possible. You should lay your cannons around your more powerful defenses, such as your Wizard Tower.

2.The Hidden Tesla

The Hidden Tesla tower can be upgraded fully to level 8. These towers are hidden to your enemies until they get to closer to it or when these tower’s strength reaches 51-percent. You’ll unlock these defensive buildings when your Town Hall hits level 7. The Hidden Tesla does the most damage to both ground and air units, plus it does double damage to P.E.K.K.A.’s. If you have some free space within your Walls, you should place a Hidden Tesla within it. Hidden Tesla’s tend to take up a 2×2 grid space, so keep that in mind when you’re on the offensive and you’re looking to avoid these defensive towers.

3.The Archer Tower

Archer Tower’s reach their maximum level at level 13. These structures can take down both ground and air units, plus their high rate of range means they’ll hit your targets most of the time. You should place these towers outside of your village and make sure your other defensive buildings should be nearby. An Archer Tower, Cannon and Mortar combination will deal some great damage if they’re in close proximity.

4.The X-Bow

X-Bow’s reach their full level at level 4. The X-Bow is turret that’s capable of shooting down ground units at long range or all units at a reduced range. You’ll have to load them up with Elixir in order to get them to start defending you. You should place your X-bow’s near your storage buildings and your Town Hall. A loaded X-Bow clip will display a miniature box icon that features Elixir bolts. If it’s unloaded, you’ll notice that the bowstring is missing. It’s best to take down X-bow’s on the enemy’s side when they’re unloaded.

5.The Mortar

Mortars reach their full potential at level 8. These heavy defense items deal very high damage, dish out splash damage to anyone in the target’s vicinity and it shoots about every 5 seconds. They can’t shoot down air units, though. Mortars should be placed within the center of your base and at least behind a few of your Walls. Three or more Mortars placed near the center of your base means you will be well protected as it knocks down any incoming enemies. If you are looking to take these down on your rival’s side,deploy Giants and air troops.

6. The Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower reaches its maximum level at level 3. These towers deal out jets of flame to one target at a time. You’ll need to refuel them with Dark Elixir once they’re empty. Set in single-target mode and aim it at the strongest units on your enemies’ side. Place them near you more important buildings and make sure they’re adequately defended by your other defensive buildings. When you want to set it to multiple target mode, it’s good for putting down weaker troops (it deals damage on up to five targets). Try placing two of these towers near each other and make sure they’re set in opposite modes (single target and multiple target).

7. The Air Defense

The anti-air defense towers reach their fullest potential at level 8. They’re perfect for taking down air troops, but they can’t do anything to ground troops. Note that these defensive buildings can only shoot down one air unit at a time. These air defense towers have great stats because they have a high damage output and great range. You should place these towers behind your Cannon launchers and Archer Towers since they’ll lend some extra firepower to those ground troops. Employing Minions and Dragons to take down these towers is key when you’re on the offensive.

8. The Traps (Bombs, Spring Traps, Giant Bombs etc.)

You’ll have several traps in your arsenal – bombs, spring traps, giant bombs, air bombs and seeking air mines. Once they’re set, you’ll have to quickly re-arm them. Traps should be placed near your walls. Note that each of these traps must be upgraded fully individually and not as a group.

9. The Wizard Tower

Wizard Towers reach their most powerful level at level 8. These towers cast splash damage spells that can kill both ground and air troops. Place several of these around your Town Hall and also drop a few Mortars around your Wizard Towers for extra defense. Wizard Towers are also a great defense when it’s placed near your Storage structures. Destroying these towers means you’ll need to put them down with Archers or huge Barbarians.

10.The Walls

Walls become all-powerful at level 11. These walls are key towards protecting your village via fortification. Make sure you don’t have any gaps in your walls (ground units will just waltz on through those small spaces). Place your walls around your fort in doubles or triples, since it will make ground units struggle even more to push through them. You should ensure you have some Wall Breakers on hand when you are ready to take these down. Note that air units can completely bypass walls.

[COC] Clash of Clans Strategy | Defense | Offense

[COC] Clash of Clans Strategy | Defense | Offense


Clash of Clans Strategy

What is your Clash of Clans Strategy? There is definitely not only 1 way to be awesome at Clash of Clans, but some strategies are definitely better than others.

Are you a farmer? Defensive player? Attacker? or Hybrid?

Once you pass the 1000 trophies into 1200 trophies, you will usually see clans with their town halls inside defenses. The worst is when clans appear to have their town hall outside the walls. But then you get close an level 3  teslas appear! OH NO!

Best strategy for Clash of Clans Strategy - Defense:

The best Clash of Clans Strategy for Defense is to keep your town hall inside your walls with your defenses keeping guard. I like to keep my wizards and mortars close in, then my other defenses right up to the walls. Then I place my barracks and other things I do not care about near the outside of the walls. These things do not need to be protected as much, but it is important to note that if 50% is destroyed then you will lose trophies.
So do not place everything too far away. Keep it in tight.

Best strategy for Clash of Clans Strategy - Offense:

When attacking, note first your troops that you are using to attack. My strategy consists of 2 dragons, 2 healers, 12 giants, 10 wall busters, and the rest a mix of archers and barbarians, plus spells and my hero.
The first thing I look for are the air defenses. If I can get the air defenses quick, then my dragons and healers are safe. If there are no crossbows, then I will usually win 100% if I can get the air defenses.
I hate crossbows and upgraded wizards and mortars. If someone has any of these, I will not attack. I do not care how easy the air defenses are.
I drop my wall busters first to tunnel in as far as possible. Sometimes I drop a healing spell first to keep them healthy as they explode the walls.
Then I move in with the giants, and when the air defenses cannot reach my dragons and healers, I release them. At this point, I have strong attackers who cannot get injured by ground defenses.

Once there is a clear path to the town hall, and most of the mortars are gone, then I drop the rest of  the troops everywhere to clean up. Always saving a few troops for just in case.
If the clan has builders stationed in the corners, knock those out with one troop per hut. This will help if you are just below 50%. Remember, once you drop in your troops, you cannot control them. So be sure to be careful!

[COC] Clash of Clans Builder | Clash Builder

[COC] Clash of Clans Builder | Clash Builder

Clash of Clans Builder


This level 10 resource/farming optimization defense is one of the better ones. The player is clearly a great clash of clans builder. Notice the positioning of the air defenses. They’re in the 2nd tier of defense. Notice how the X-Bows reach nearly every part of the base for optimal coverage. The Inferno Towers are setup to take out the big guns when they get close to gold and elixir stores. The reason he’s a great clash of clan builder is because you can see he’s tested this all the way to level 97 and he’s still going strong.

Clash of clans Base Builder


This guy’s level 10 base has lower level walls, but his placement of buildings makes him a great clash of clan builder. Each of the wide range defensive units, such as X-Bows and Mortars are either in the middle or behind their own set of walls, making them very hard to get at. As one of the better lower level clash of clans builder, this is one defense most people wouldn’t want to go up against.


 This resource saving defense is kind of all over the place. It looks like this Clash of Clans Base builder started from the center and kept placing defensive attack units circling the middle. The X-Bows cover most of the base and the Inferno Towers help with the dragons and heroes. Each defensive unit needs to get upgraded and the walls look like they’re in the works of upgrade. This builder looks creative and is learning by experience. He’s definitely a Clash of Clans builder we’ll keep our eyes on.


Now this resource saving base is one of our more favorites. As Clash of Clans builders ourselves, we’re a bit jealous of this because the resources are so strategically placed to be defended.

He’s clearly a great Clash of Clans builder with great strategy. Look how each set of resource banks is separate from the others. The X-Bows protect the core of the base, the dark elixir storage. Brilliant defense.

[COC] Clash of Clans Android Game for PC / Computer (Windows 7/8/XP)

Clash of Clans Android Game for PC / Computer (Windows 7/8/XP)

Clash of clans for PC

The clash of clans android game is a marvelous gaming experience which provides great fun to the individuals. The game is a competitive multi player game in which the player builds its community, train their troops and carry out the massive attack on the other player to earn gold, elixir etc..These earned benefits allow the player to build a defense mechanism against its opponents.

Game Android Clash Of Clans

Main Features of Android clash of clans

* The clash of clans has some of the amazing features which highly attract the players. Clash of cans android game is a very interesting and addictive game .Classic features Clash Of Clans for PCand good sound quality entice the players.

How to Earn Gold and Elixir??

* The player needs to build gold mines elixir collector to earn gold and silver respectively.
* Elixir can be used for the training of new troops and to build new buildings.
* Gold is usually used to build defensive buildings and to upgrade the town hall.
* The player gains access to more buildings to defend their existing community consisting of cannons, bombs, wizard towers, etc.. The walls increase in size with the proceeding levels.

Features of Clans War

* The main component of this game is facing off against your enemies. Clan leaders initiate the war against each other and they are provided with two exclusive days, one for the preparation and the other for the war simultaneously.
* When one member attacks the member of the opponents, they gain stars based on the degree of destruction they cause to their opponents.
* Each player gets a chance of two attacks during each war period.
* The team with maximum number of stars is declared as a winner.

 How to Earn Gems??

* The clash of clans android game also uses gems as an important currency. The gems are awarded when a player attains achievements, but you can also purchase the by Clash Of Clans on PCusing real world money.

* Gems increase the speed of the game and every other element of the game, including troop training, construction time etc.

* Further, they can also be substituted for gold and elixir.

Clash of clans download is relatively simple and easy. The Clash of clan’s android game is simply based on strategic planning and combating. The player has to build best village and achieve success and glorious victory in your Android device. The Clash of clans’ android game features 15 units, various levels of upgrades, campaign mode and more.

Clash Of Clans on PC

To download and install the  Clash Of Clans on PC you will need to install on your PC,emulator Android BLUESTACK.
At First Download BLUESTACK you can on our website and on the Internet. The app is free and freely distributed.
Once you have downloaded the emulator on your PC, you need to install it. Next, download the AKP file on the website and open it with the emulator.
The easiest way to install Clash Of Clans on PC, it’s in the search menu BLUESTACK dial Clash Of Clans and click install. And that’s all. It remains only to spend time.

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Akshay Kumar Rustom New Movie 2016

Akshay Kumar Rustom New Movie 2016

Akshay Kumar has already vie Associate in Nursing Indian operative (Baby), Armyman (Holiday: A Soldier isn't Off Duty) and a flag-waving helper minus a designation (Airlift, Gabbar etc.). With Rustom the Bollywood star is back as a “Decorated Officer. Devoted Family Man” however the story looks to be abundant less clear-cut.

Rustom poster: Akshay playing 'honourable murderer' Nanavati

Akshay unconcealed the primary poster of Rustom, within which he plays a Brave naval officer , on weekday. whereas we have a tendency to were expecting yet one more flag-waving film from the Khiladi Kumar, he titillated US with a mystery. He wrote, “3 shots that afraid the state and altered his life! decide what happened with #Rustom this August twelve, 2016.”

Akshay vs Hrithik, Rustom Movie Vs Mohenjo Daro Movie Clash

Ashutosh Gowariker Productions voice, however, these days processed in an exceedingly statement that the director wasn't approached.

“As the spokesperson of Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, I would like to clarify that he has not been spoken to and that there is no change in the release date of Mohenjo Daro, the statement said. “As officially announced more than a year ago, on January 15, 2015, the film will release on August 12, 2016. There is a specific promotional plan in place for our film and our campaign will begin as scheduled by our team for the same.”

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8 Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer

8 Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer


Hi dear I am sharing to all of you Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer Because I think all of you are looking for it or searching Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer. So read my article and be safe from  Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms & Signs

Top 8 Prostate Cancer Symptoms & Signs are given bellow
  1.     A need to urinate frequently, especially at night
  2.     Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine
  3.     Weak or interrupted flow of urine
  4.     Painful or burning urination
  5.     Difficulty in having an erection
  6.     Painful ejaculation
  7.     Blood in urine or semen
  8.     Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs

Thanks To all :)
you may read more about this at :